R.I.P. City of Heroes


I am unbelievably sad that NC Soft is shutting down what I believe to be the best ever MMORPG, City of Heroes. I started playing alongside my spouse back in 2005 – we played daily for a couple of years until we moved to Saskatoon in 2007. It was just damned good fun and for a superhero junkie like me, it was like reliving my childhood fantasies. The servers will be shut down forever in November 2012 – I might log in again and do a couple of mishes to say thanks for the memories.  Here’s someone’s COH Video – damn, I’m going to miss that game.



A Plethora of Positivity for POLTERGEEKS


It occurred to me that I should do a review roundup – I might have missed some. I’ll post the links when I find them!


Read Between the Lines says: Poltergeeks is exactly the sort of book I loved to read as a teenager; it’s magical and dramatic, laced with humour and appealing, relateable characters.

BCF Book Reviews says: There’s a good balance in the book, of humour, adventure, magic and darkness, and is highly recommended.

Serendipity Reviews calls Poltergeeks a dramatic page turning roller coaster that slipped in snippets of humour.

Death Books & Tea gives Poltergeeks five cups of tea to a story that’s full of phantoms, fantasy and fun. I really really want a sequel soon.

Every Book Has A Soul says of Poltergeeks “From the first sentence I was hooked and read this book in just under a day. I was not putting this book down for anything, until I had finished it!”

Serenity in Books says there’s “a lot of room to grow with this series and the potential for character and world development is there. This is a good building block for what could become a great series.”

The Tattooed Book says “The writing style flows easily and pulls you in to keep you turning the pages as quickly as you can.”

Sister Spooky says “Poltergeeks is a supernatural adventure with a snarky heroine that is so funny that I wish I was her most days.”

Melanie’s Book Addiction says “Poltergeeks is a great entertaining read that will please the fans of YA paranormal and urban fantasy.”

I Smell Sheep says, “This is an action/mystery story with a sweet romance woven in. What impressed me most was Cummings’s knowledge of magic and his use of it in this story. I don’t know much about magic, but I know when something doesn’t ring true and his system was very believable. Add fabulously written action scenes and you have a fast-paced kick-butt story.”

STARTBURST Magazine says, “Poltergeeks is absolutely everything you could possibly want in YA fantasy.  9/10 Stars.”

Fresh Fantasy Fiction says, “Poltergeeks is awesome with sauce on! It has ghosts plus witches – what could be cooler?”


The 12 Stages of Goodreads Review Author Meltdown


1) You look at the review in disbelief.


2) You’re shocked … horrified that someone could write something so cruel about your epic tome that took you two years to write.



3) You think about replying but think better of it. (Good for you!)

4) Then you wake up at two in the morning full or righteous indignation. They can’t say that about YOUR epic tome. Fuck them! You fire off a tersely worded reply to the review both on Goodreads and your blog.

5) You’re all “Fuck you … you blogger piece of shit. At least I’m published. You just have a blog!”

6) The blogosphere notices your little missive. It is not amused.

7) Book bloggers pounce on your momentary lapse of reason.

8) And you’re like ….

9) And then you’re like …

10) And then you’re like ….

11) Your agent has a new plan for your career. (Remember how hard it was to find an agent? Focus on that for a while because you no longer have an agent.)

12) And you finally realize that when you’re an author, it’s not about you … it’s about your readers. Bloggers are readers. You’re going to get good reviews and bad reviews because that’s the nature of the business. You swear never again to meltdown over a bad review and pray to God that you haven’t destroyed your career.




You betcha! Here’s the blog posting from Angry Robot Books!


Leading audiobook producers AudioGO have signed up to create audio versions of titles from two of Osprey Group’s fiction division imprints: YA specialist Strange Chemistry and next year’s upcoming crime imprint, Exhibit A. The audiobooks will be produced in AudioGO’s specialist UK studios and will have worldwide digital distribution.

The first titles will be the debuts from the Strange Chemistry line: Blackwood by Gwenda Bond and Shift by Kim Curran, which will launch in the first week of September. Further titles will appear simultaneously with the release of physical editions from Strange Chemistry and, starting May 2013, Exhibit A.


So that’s wickedly exciting news. How strange it will feel to hear someone else’s voice reading my book! Oh, and in other news – I just sent STUDENT BODIES, the sequel to POLTERGEEKS, off to my editor this morning. Annnnd … Strange Chemistry Books has its official launch tonight at The British Museum. I wish I could be there – my agent, Jenny Savill is going and she’s going to be wearing her favorite necklace which, I might add, is the same colour as the cover art for POLTERGEEKS!


POLTERGEEKS book trailer!