I’m looking for Beta readers – know any?



Hiya! Well, I’ve finished some changes to something UNBELIEVABLY COOL! (No, it’s not the second POLTERGEEKS book – my editor at Strange Chemistry Books has that one already.)

Annnnnd   I’m looking for three very keen, very observant and very prepared to read something that is so NOT urban fantasy it will make your head spin kinda people.

You? You love to read. You love to read YA. You know how to use MS Word. You know how to put comments in the right margin of the file. You won’t share it with anyone. You won’t lose the file. You are prepared to offer your suggestions and thoughts on an 82,000 word project. Most important – you are objective as hell.

What will you be reading? Something dark, terrifying, violent, scary as hell. (I think.)

If this sounds like you, I’ll put your name in the acknowledgements AND send you a copy of SHADE FRIGHT, FUNERAL PALLOR or UNSEEN WORLD for your trouble. I’ll even sign your copy too!

Interested? Send me an email to info AT sean DASH cummings DOT ca.