Day of the Doctor – Post Awesomeness Thoughts


As soon as I heard David Tennant say the 50th anniversary episode was going to be a “seismic shift” in The Doctor’s story, I told my better half … “Moffat’s gotta be bringing back the Time Lords”. (Seriously, ask her. It’s true)

Now, granted, Gallifrey is in a pocket dimension and hidden from the universe, but The Doctor is no longer “the last Time Lord” as of yesterday’s epic program that completely made up for lacklustre season Matt Smith’s Doctor has been experiencing. I’m not sure if it’s the whole “impossible girl” thing or the fact that I’m still ticked off at how a giant weeping angel Statue of Liberty ran amok in NYC leading up to the milked for all its worth “goodbye raggedy man” scene where we said goodbye to Amy Pond from last year, but what a celebration!

I’ve been quite literally bouncing off the walls, hoping like crazy for months now that Moffat would do something spectacular on the 50th Anniversary show and I wasn’t disappointed. The episode leaves a number of lingering questions:

1) Tom Baker – is he a curator or is he the fourth in that episode and if so, how? (Or was it a nod to fans like me – Baker was my Doctor growing up)
2) Gallifrey – where is it? Will we be seeing more Time Lords now? I can’t see how we won’t, frankly
3) Is Capaldi the 12th or the 13th Doctor and if he is the final incarnation, will we be seeing a new doctor emerge or will this one get a 14th, 15th & 16th incarnation.

Lots to think about but I will say this much: When this happened, I actually squealed with glee. It was embarrassing for my wife and son who were watching the episode alongside me.



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┬áBring on Peter Capaldi and let’s get this reboot going, folks! It’s gonna be a long wait, sadly, until next fall when we finally get to see a new Doctor leave his mark on this enduring show that has stood the test of time.