My All -Time Holiday Favorites #1


Topping off a week of counting down my favorite people, books, TV shows and myths about publishing comes a very special festive themed countdown.

I freaking hate Christmas. It’s probably because I’m forty-four now and my frame of reference for a happy holiday is locked in the past somewhere. I hate the crowds, the packed parking lots and cooking for family and friends when I just want to lie on the couch and watch TV and enjoy the silence. (Yeah, I’m anti-social … sorry … it’s just how I’m hard wired.) So you can imagine, I don’t entirely enjoy this quality about myself and I got to thinking this week about what made Christmas special for me when I was a boy. Sure, there was the wonder and mystery of it all, the bright colourful lights and the promise of presents on Christmas morning … but mine wasn’t a happy household growing up – I escaped from it by reading and watching Christmas specials on TV. (Don’t know what a Christmas special is? Don’t be shocked by this … they’re not so commonplace anymore.)

Through the magic of YouTube, there are clips of shows I watched on TV as a boy because they aren’t shown anymore in our 500 channel universe. Each day between now and Christmas Eve, I’m going to post a link or a clip or possibly even the entire program for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the first one: The Selfish Giant. I defy anyone to watch this and not shed a freaking tear. If you’re over 40 and Canadian, you’ll likely remember this …