Sean’s Saskatoon Friendship Inn Super Quick Fundraiser


Saskatoon’s Friendship Inn feeds more than 500 people a day and they’re looking for a helping hand with their Fill the Plate Campaign. They’ve got an operating deficit because of the ballooning numbers of meals they’re providing to needy Saskatoonians and the good news is Potash Corporation is matching donations during December up to a maximum of $100,000.00.

Look, hunger exists in every city around the world – and The Friendship Inn does a lot of great work in my city not only at Christmastime, but all 365 days of the year.

Saskatoon has been good to me, so I’m going to give back. Here’s what I’m offering to do – a little online auction.

The highest bidder gets these:













Oh … and these. (They’re audiobooks)












Plus these three books.



Here’s where you come in … All of my books and the two audiobooks are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. How? By leaving a bid in the comment section of this blog post. Here’s the rules:

When does bidding start?
Bidding opens at Midnight CST December 6, 2013

When does bidding end?
Bidding ends at Midnight CST December 12, 2013

How will I know if I’ve won? 
You can check the comments box to see if yours was the highest bid. But don’t worry, I’ll be contacting the winning bidder with all the information they need to finalize their bid. (Please don’t make any payment to the Saskatoon Friendship Inn until you get an email from yours truly confirming you’re the highest bidder.)

When the winning bidder has been notified, paid their donation to the 2013 Fill the Plate Campaign and emailed me the receipt as proof of payment, I’ll ask for a mailing address and fire off your books. Easy peezy.

How do we know you’re not going to steal the money? 

Okay … so there you go. Let’s see what we can do to support a worthy community agency in Saskatoon – an agency that is vital to the lives of a hell of a lot of people.

PS – it’s -41 Celsius today with the windchill. So, you know, try to put yourself in the shoes of someone less fortunate.

PPS – if you don’t want my books but still want to donate, I recommend it. So here’s the donation form.

Alright … now get ready to bid!!