Alternative CBC Bookie Awards



The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) which to its credit has the most vigorous media presence in the entire country when it comes to the written word through CBC Books, Canada Reads, Canada Writes and a boatload of other book related events online (not to mention two, count ’em TWO radio shows … The Next Chapter hosted by Shelagh Rogers as well as  Writers & Company hosted by Eleanor Wachtel) has a fun little contest about nothing going on right now. It’s the CBC Bookie Awards. No cash value but winners get a golden beaver in the mail. (I covet this, by the way.)

It’s a pretty good collection of books assuming you don’t read a lot of zombie apocalypse, horror, urban fantasy, dystopia … self pubbed, paranormal romance, romance …. I could go on and on. CBC did include erotica, though … good for you CBC!

At any rate, there’s some solid reads on there – from Robert J. Sawyer to Corey Redekop … but there’s a ton of books that weren’t listed. (Yeah, mine’s not there. Meh.) I’ve long been a strong advocate for the CBC to promote books that aren’t literary fiction and there’s a few in their list, but nowhere near enough. (I know … CBC didn’t pick the list, but still.) With that in mind, I’m going to use my website to do an alternative CBC Bookie Awards because I know that readers of my blog read the kind of stuff I read and there’s some freaking fantastic genre-writing talent in this country that consistently winds up getting passed over. So … I’ll throw it out to you. Email me your favorite books by Canadian authors in the following categories and I’ll make a shortlist. In a couple of weeks, I’ll give readers a chance to vote and we’ll see who the winners of my alternative Bookie Awards might be.

The categories are:

Best Canadian Urban Fantasy

Best Canadian Paranormal Romance

Best Canadian Science Fiction

Best Canadian Young Adult

Best Canadian Middle Grade

Best Canadian Crime

Best Canadian Self Published Genre Novel

Best Cover Art on a Canadian Genre Book

Favorite Canadian Genre Author

So email your choices to info AT sean DASH cummings DOT ca (and any categories I should add).  Let’s celebrate Canadian Genre Fiction!!

What I’m hoping is to contact each winner and do an interview with them promoting their book on my hand-dandy little blog here. So … anyone interested? Let’s hear what you have to say about great Canadian genre reads!!