Launch Party in London & Why Book Bloggers Rock!


Canadian urban fantasy author mugging for the camera. Better half is giving him an”alright, tone down the schmaltz” look as she takes the picture.

Fellow ANA authors Michelle Newell and Helen Moss chatting it up. Michelle is wearing a KILLER dress and I told her so. Lovely book bloggers in the background.

Here’s me, my agent Jenny Savill to my left, her awesome assistant Ella Kahn to my right and enthusiastic book blogger Ellie.

Here’s my editor Amanda Rutter and my agent Jenny Savill extolling the virtues of middle aged authors from the frozen Canadian prairie.

Here’s me trying to get the secret  password from Ella Kahn.


What can I say? I’ve never had a launch party before but it was a lovely time. I met fantastic fellow authors including Keren David whose books everyone should read. (Actually, read all of our books … just start with Keren’s). We had wine. We had cheese. We had back wrapped sausage (YEAH BABY!!!) and I met fantastic bloggers who took time out of their personal lives to come and celebrate the launch of a pretty special book. (One blogger, Sister Spooky, brought me a bag of candy.)

And here’s what’s massively important, I think. A handful of bloggers actually came to see me.

Um … wow.

Each one of them were warm, wildly enthusiastic and at the same time, down to earth people. They each shared their thoughts on their favorite books and I learned just what a tightly knit community exists among book bloggers. You know, you see bloggers tweeting back and forth online. You seen them leaving comments on each other’s blogs – but the shared love of books and dare I say even fellowship – that’s truly a sight to behold when you get them all together in one room.

Very simply, book bloggers – you are all fantastic people. Keep doing what you’re doing and to those who came to my launch last night – I was really very touched by the amount of support that you’ve thrown my way.

Three more days in London. Two big events this weekend. I hope I get to meet more bloggers because they’ve been the highlight of my trip to England.